The ripples of shared love travel outward to touch those around us. We saw this heartwarming effect firsthand at Melanie and Joe Dee’s wedding. It wasn’t just the union of two people that we witnessed, but the union of two whole families who were there to celebrate love in all its many forms.

Sometimes, we don’t realize that we are missing something until someone comes along with the piece of ourselves we never knew we had lost. Sometimes that piece doesn’t show up until much later than expected, but if we have learned anything in this wedding, it should be that in that tardiness it has matured and arrived in its most beautiful form.

Every wedding teaches us something of value, and in this wedding we are thankful for the lesson. Thank you Melanie and Joe Dee for allowing strangers behind a lens to add their support to that of the familiar and loving faces of your unified family

💒 Venue: @Mckenize-Merket Alumni Center (Texas Tech)
✍️ Planner: @AndBeMarry