I’m going to try to put into words how amazing this wedding was, but I will probably fail. I have never experienced a more friendly, loving, and welcoming couple than these two, and it shows in everything they do. From the second we walked in to the door, to their emotional toasts from the wedding party, to the grand exit, the whole affair felt like one big family party! Not to mention this is basically a pair of models, and made our job so incredibly easy and fun. It’s so amazing seeing these two together, and how much they love and support each other, and the people around them. Their personalities complement each other perfectly, and the love they show for one another is so apparent in everything they do. We cannot wait to see where life takes Morgan and Gary, because we know that destination is beautiful.

Cheers to the Gates!✨?

? Alex + Liliana
? Eli

Southern Elegance
? Grayce Floral
? Haley D. Photography
? Blue Bridal Boutique
? April’s SweetTooth
? Cafe Venture Food Trailer Lubbock
?Kelsey Bailey Beauty
? ShutterShack PhotoBooth

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