Oh. My. Word. There are no words to fully explain how cool this wedding was!! [So we made a video. Haha] Katie needs to become a wedding planner. Her friends and family did so much, but also had a lot of incredible help from Southern Elegance Design!
Location: “Lubbock Executive Airpark” just south of Lubbock, TX
Anywhere there was a spot for originality, there it was. First and foremost… booking an airplane hanger for the ceremony was legit. Then there was the red convertible before walking down the aisle, funky father/daughter dance, Barney singing “I Love You,” and lastly… drumroll please… leaving in an actual airplane. What?! The footage is outstanding! and a blast to shoot in a little sports car. Yes, this is a wedding we will never forget. Congratulations guys! Let us know when you have your next event. We want to be there to film it!
Wedding Stylists: Southern Elegance Design! [southernelegancedesign.com] This team loves challenges, and they always somehow manage to go above and beyond. You should have seen them transform an empty hanger into a wedding venue. Parachutes hanging from the ceiling, furniture, decor and chalk board signs everywhere, along with the serving line being incorporated into the wings of a real aircraft. The look and feel of the whole day was tremendous. Loved it guys! Everyone worked together to pull off the impossible.
At our “Cre8ive headquarters” we also offer a DJ service, Delta Jamma!! We had so much fun filming at DJing. Alex was the magic behind those turntables and mic, keeping the evening flowing. So glad we all got to work together!
Our Favorite Moment: Well there are so many. Such a romantic film, but capturing their takeoff on the runway while everyone stood there and waved sparklers was insanely cool. Racing beside the aircraft at 85mph in a small sports car was definitely adrenaline pumping too. HUGE thank you to Mark Drake, Owner of the LEA.
Photography: Paul Norman Photography is a blast to work with! PNP travels, and is based out of Beaumont, TX. [paulnormanphotography.com/] Minister: Randal Dement

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