Before this trip I had never seen the beautiful area of South Fork, CO and that epic stretch of the Rio Grande. We drove the Silver Thread Scenic Byway, found a few fishing spots with incredible views, did a bit of rafting with a GoPro, and even found a way to squeeze in some old fashion Nintendo. Hah.
Thomas’ family has had land up here since his dad was fresh out of college and slowly built an awesome place over the many many summers. I could easily spend a year up there just exploring. Beautiful beautiful country.
The unique part of this trip was the fact that I basically got to be another member of the family–staying with them for 2 nights and sharing all of our meals together (Thomas cooks a mean brisket… but even meaner pot of beans!)
A highlight was definitely our last stop at a local pub, Tommy Knockers. Just a few years ago Johnny Depp stopped in there for a refreshing something in between the sets of Disney’s “The Lone Ranger” and signed a dollar bill up on the wall. At the end of this film you’ll also notice a short clip of me playing the guitar on the corner stage. I should have signed a bill and hung it on the wall since I’m a celebrity too, but we didn’t have time.
Annnd on a serious note, the Young and Littlejohn families will always be more than friends to me. They are officially family and I would have it no other way! Congrats guys!

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